About Mulbury Clothing

Mulbury Clothing is the leading supplier of the uniforms across United States of America and European countries and now we are spreading our market in Australia and New Zealand as well. Mulbury Clothing has been in manufacturing business for more than 30 years. We have our own manufacturing factories based overseas. Our quality of manufacturing, stitching, printing and needle work is simply the best you can ever get on reasonable price.

We proudly manufacture and supply:

We also have laser printing and high quality laser embroidery services available.

Our custom built uniform management help in delivering orders quickly. We can cater to clothing demands for all ages. We are here to give your dreams and desires a beautiful shape.

We believe in competitive and affordable prices and at the same time providing high quality of garments to our customers. Our customer's 100% satisfaction is our motto!

We accept orders from small businesses to big companies. We guarantee to provide high quality needle and embroidery work you can ever get. We proudly say our manufacturing unit is capable of making larger orders on reasonable price. Our hardworking team is prepared to meet orders on a short notice.


Mulbury Clothing is a fashion retailer that offers high quality private label apparel design to help modern men and women succeed in business world with dignity.

Our brand provides the modern young men and women fashion that reflects their up-to-the minute sense of style. Inspired by the latest runway looks, our ready to wear collections are always in style, and suitable for any field. From modern suits and business separates to event dresses and casual sportswear, our timeless fashion is always trend right, season after season.

Our brand's high-street fashion label offers a range of clothes and accessories to appeal to every woman’s sense of style and sensuality with the best of clothing wear.

The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, which includes design production and distribution and sales through our extensive network. In this website we are only showing here what we are in reality and what we have done so far for our customers. From this our new clients can have an idea how we work and how neat is our work.

We believe that when our customer looks good and satisfied, they feel good and it boosts our confidence to help them achieve personal success. That’s the power of great fashion and brand being Mulbury Clothing.